Steps for Adding a Pond to Your Property

A pond can be a beautiful addition for any property. It can also be a great area to attract wildlife for one’s viewing pleasure. A pond can be a simple addition that can increase the value of the property and provide a wonderful aesthetic to attract potential buyers when planning to sell. However, it does require some planning and maintenance to ensure the pond stays beautiful.

Choosing an area

A nice level area is often the best place for a pond. It is also a good idea to avoid areas under tree as this can create a need for additional maintenance, as well as may pose issues with digging the pond. If planning to use an electric filter or aeration device, it may be a good idea to ensure the pond is near electricity. However, there are devices that can utilize solar or wind power that can allow the pond to be further away from the home.

Digging the pond

An outline of the pond should be placed on the ground before digging. This can ensure the right area is dug and lessen the chance of errors. This outline should be slightly bigger than the liner to be used. It is also a good idea to contact the utility companies in the area to ensure safety before digging. Depending on the size of the pond, the digging can be done with either a shovel or a rented backhoe. It may also be beneficial to dig different depths for plant shelving.

Finishing the pond

Place the liner in the hole for the pond and add rocks to provide surface area for necessary bacteria. They can also help add beauty to the pond. Next, install the skimmer, filter or aeration devices for the pond. The aeration device can be very beneficial for deeper ponds to ensure there is air for pond. The right amount of air is necessary to maintain the life in the pond.

Finally, add water to the pond. Any other features or aesthetic additions can be placed in or around the pond. The water may be cloudy to start due to the rocks and dirt. However, this will dissipate after a few days. After the water has settled a few days, and the pH balance has been reached, fish and plants can be added.